Traditional and Flat Fee MLS Listings

Traditional Listings

Those who prefer a full service relationship, where their agent assists them with all aspects of the sale process should consider our “Traditional ” listing package. One of our skilled agents will list and advertise the property, schedule and handle all showings, negotiate sale terms, handle appraisal and inspection appointments, and much more! Your Adam Campo Real Estate agent will be available to you at every turn, and both the “listing side” and the “selling side” of a commission will be charged at closing.

Full Service Flat Fee Listings

Our Full Service Flat Fee MLS (Multiple Listing Service)* Listing package gives you the same exposure you would find listing with us in a traditional manner, but for a $695 Flat Fee. Budget conscious sellers typically use independent methods for listing their homes. Some of these include the local newspaper, craigslist, or one of the many “FSBO” marketing websites that have no direct affiliation with any local board of REALTORS®.  They are therefore, extremely limited in terms of exposure. However, most residential agents (who are responsible for the majority of all residential real estate transactions) are members of their local board of REALTORS®, and they are not likely to search in these places for their clients.  There simply is no need for them to do so.  It has been our experience that they almost exclusively use their local MLS.  As for potential buyers, they must stumble upon a single publication or site to come in contact with a listing.  In contrast, our Flat Fee MLS* Listings get in front of REALTORS® in addition to unrepresented buyers.  They are searchable by member agents and they syndicate with numerous other websites, the most searched real estate sites on the internet. This yields countless paths on the internet that lead buyers to our listings…your listing.

Why choose Adam Campo Real Estate?

  • We invest heavily in buyer leads: Unlike almost all of the companies in our area, we reinvest a great deal of our company income into lead sources such as Realtor.com, Zillow, and Trulia in order to have an extremely steady flow of buyers making contact with our agents on a daily basis.  We bought into these buyer leads early in the lead game, and we have a definite advantage over our competitors in this respect.  
  • Local Company: Although we service all areas of the state, we are located in Baton Rouge, LA. If you will notice, none of our website fields will ask you which “county” your home is located in as seen with some of our competitors. We are physically available to you should you need us, and you are welcome to visit our office.
  • Professional Staff: We have a competent and friendly staff with a proven track record. Broker, Adam Campo has been licensed in LA for over 20 years, and his team of experts are among the best in the real estate industry.
  • Communication: Representatives are available by telephone for any questions you may have during the course of your transaction and even after your act of sale if necessary.
  • 24 Hour Call Service: Property calls are handled 24 hours/day and 7 days/week..
  • Lockbox: Supra lockbox (which tracks who has been in your house) is used for each listing. 
  • Signage: FREE yard sign, stake, and hardware with every “Flat Fee” MLS Listing*.
  • Listing Photographs: Up to 25 pictures attached to your listing.
  • Property Description: Up to 250 Character description of property.
  • “…Until it’s sold!”* Listing Term: If you meet certain conditions and requirements, your listing will have a perpetual listing term. This means that your listing will remain listed “until it is sold!”*
  • Additional Services: If you discover that you are in need assistance during the listing or sale process, we offer additional services that include assistance with comparative market analyses, negotiations, counteroffers, disclosures, addendums, etc. Although many of our customers choose to handle these tasks themselves, a licensed agent is available to assist with your transaction should you need help.
  • Value vs. Price: After lengthy research, we have been unable to find a local real estate company that offers a “Flat Fee”* product comparable in terms of price and value to the one offered by Adam Campo Real Estate. We are the best priced for the service that we offer. It is that simple.
  • Handling of all Property Types: We now offer our “Flat Fee” MLS Listing* services to sellers/lessors of residential, commercial, land, and multifamily property.
  • Full Service Company: Adam Campo Real Estate is a full service company that handles residential and commercial “Flat Fee” Listings, traditional real estate sales, property management, and association management. Although some of these services only apply to certain areas of Louisiana, we feel that this attests to our level of expertise in the real estate industry as a whole. We can assure you that your listing will be handled by qualified professionals.
  • Money you will save: If you qualify, you will have the opportunity to pay nothing in terms of the “listing side”* of the commission. You will only pay a “selling side” of commission to the agent who works with the buyer for your home whether that be an agent from another company or an Adam Campo Real Estate agent.

Benefits of listing with a REALTOR®

Statistics show that there is no better way to get your home sold faster and for more money than by listing with a REALTOR®. We attribute these statistics to the tools that are available exclusively to REALTORS®, the most important of which is the MLS*. There is no form of real estate advertising that compares to the MLS* in terms of exposure, and Adam Campo Real Estate has now made it available to you!

  • Listing Syndication: Your home will appear on every real estate marketing and company website that syndicates with the MLS.* Examples of such websites include:  Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Homes.com, Yahoorealestate.com, Adamcampo.com, etc. Both represented and unrepresented buyers will have access to your listing.
  • Instant Sales Force: You will instantly enlist the assistance of every active, licensed member of the MLS* in the area to sell your home. With the structure of our system, your home will be more than just an option for REALTORS to present to their clients, it will be found by the buyers themselves.  In turn, they will bring the listing print out to their agents stating, "I want to see this house!"
  • Buyer Listing Updates: Your home will automatically appear in the e-mail inbox of any buyer who has signed up for automatic listing updates whose search criteria match that of your home.